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health, and had been advised to take sea-baths in
Naples. Madame von Hnmboldt therefore determined
to repair to Italy again, accompanied by her daucrh-
ters arid her son-in-law, "Von BLedemann. She was
also afraid of the  "fog island" on which Hnmboldt
was soon to reside. But to one member of the familv,
. at least, this separation was doubly painful, namely,,
to the youngest daughter, Gabriele. She had been
betrothed in Frankfurt to the young Baron Billow.
But Gabriele was very young, and Billow was to
commence his career before their marriage, and for
the present accompany his future father-in-law to
London as secretary of Legation-
Ill April, Maclame von. Hnmboldt started on tier
journey, and arrived in Rome on the *Jrd of May.
In slimmer she "went to ZSTaples, and returned to Rome
in autumn. She deferred her departure from time to
time, delighted "with Italian life, and patronizing art
and artists as before. Her own health forbade her to
venture into the London climate, and she also awaited
a turn in the career of her husband. On the 19th
of Octo"ber she wrote to a friend: "I          remain
here during the winter, and return to Berlin in sum-
mer, where I shall be present at Theodoras (her eldest
son's) marriage. In August, I shall arrive in the
cisle of fogs/ I part from Rome as I would part from
life,3* Her first station was the "baths of Nocera, in
the papal dominions- Then she again returned to
Rome, and remained there "until Hnmboldt seemed,
to have a firm position in Berlin^ in the summer of
1817- She thea returned home, and brought splendid"
works of art with her,
Humboldt remained in Berlin for some time,
here Ms first disagreement} with the state-chancellor
Hardenberg, began.    He was still on the         terms
with him,        the ting         gave him
of favour. It was at this period that he received the
before-mentioned dotation for Ms services;         he
ivas among those whom the Mug                   to Ms
new cabinet, as a sign of confidence.    But this
 C 2